Whitewash question.

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Whitewash question.
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So I haven't had much experience with finishing wood projects. Well... I don't have much experience with wood projects period. But I am working on the rustic x console that you have posted on this site. It has turned out beautifully as far as the construction. But now that I'm staining, I realized that I stained the base layer with an oil based stain (Minwax special walnut). I really want to apply a white wash to the piece to lighten my living room and give it a more rustic look. Is it possible to do a water based white wash over my oil based stain or will it just wipe off completely? I'd really like anyone's expertise on this issue. I've tried google but now I'm turning to the pros! Please help!

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It should work

You should know: I haven't actually done this yet, but I'm getting ready to paint over a table top that I stained last year with a gel stain. I'm going to then sand as needed for distressing and then coat it with a sealer again. Oh, I will lightly sand the table top before applying the paint because I have sealed it. I don't know why it wouldn't work. Best to you!