Adirondack chairs

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Adirondack chairs
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Today I saw a photo of adirondack chairs with a link to the ana white site, but when I come to the site, this particular chair is not anywhere to be found. The chair is adirondack style, but it is not very low to the ground, about as high as a regular chair, and the seat is not nearly as slanted backward as a regular adirondack chair. I am 55, and have a 75 degree scoliosis curve, so getting up out of a traditional adirondack chair generally requires the use of a crane! Just wondering if anyone on here might have plans for this particular chair. I am new to the forum so I don't know if I can post a pic, but will gladly send one for anyone to see. I really like this chair and would like to make some like it.

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Adirondack Chair plans

Hi fayeborr,

Does the chair you like look like the one in this link?

The plans for this specific chair (adult adirondack chair) are in Ana's book "The Handbuilt Home" on page 174. It has many fabulous plans and great building advice.

Ana has a similar chair plan on this site - if you rounded the boards at the top back it would have a similar look. To decrease the incline for the back on that chair, Ana added some hints in step 2. That plan is at this link:

Good luck with your new chairs! :)