Countersinking Screws vs Not

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Countersinking Screws vs Not
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My husband and I are going to attempt to build the cube shelves. We don't have any experience building but I'm pretty good with my hands and most DIY my husband on the other hand is basically the worst when it comes to visualizing projects and doing anything by hand. Anyway, I told him we'll need to by a countersinking drill bit but he doesn't understand why because he just thinks that we can screw the screws in a lot and just force them beneath the surface. I know we probably shouldn't do this but can anyone give me a good reason to tell him it's a bad idea. Are there any other cheaper options than going out and buying the countersinking bit?

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Countersinking screws vs not

Hello ehansen25,

Ana has a wonderful 'getting started' section at this link below, and she answers a lot of questions about tools and how-to's.

Here's a video of how Ana built the large cubby bookshelf:

In my personal experience, countersinking your screws will help keep your wood from splitting, will make your projects look nicer, and will make the project easier to finish.

Our local Lowes sells the single countersink drill bits like these - under $5.

Once you get a few projects under your belt, you'll want to go tool shopping! :) Happy building!