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This was my first ever project. Prior to this, I had used a hammer and drill, so I learned ALOT here. Thank you so much, Jenny for your wonderful detailed plans. You are just awesome. I'm convinced that if this had been designed by a man and the instructions detailed by a man, I would have never been able to do this for my granddaughters. My husband helped with the painting and whenever I needed extra hands and muscles, and I didn't do anything on moving day. The whole family pitched in to move it to their house and set it up. My oldest son helped me with the roof rafters, since I had a bit of a problem figuring those out, but other than that, I managed quite nicely with such wonderful instructions. I learned how to use all the necessary power tools, too! I changed the width of the stairs to 24 inches, rounded off the shelves, and added lights for reading, which can be regulated with a timer we purchased. Ella and Emily are very excited and absolutely love their room, now.

It was fun to challenge myself with this project. Again, thank you Jenny, and thanks Ana for your wonderful website and inspirations! You can see more uploaded pictures on my facebook page (I sited Ana's web page and Jenny's for appropriate credit). Just look me up (Deanna Carter in Georgia USA) on facebook and send me a friend request.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Estimated Cost: 
Approximately $500.00


Deanna, it turned out so amazing! I can't believe this was your first project. I am so impressed.

The color scheme is great. What is your next project?

Thank you all. Jenny, I told everyone it was because you said I could do it. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way. Hmmmm. Next Project? I would love to do so many things that I see on both web sites, but I imagine I will have to do at least 2 more bunk bed sets, since we have grandsons, Noah and Elijah who will be old enough for a set in a little while, and another grandson (Samuel) who will need a loft bed in a few years. I think I may use the same basic plan, but modify it to create a medival castle for the loft bed and a saloon bed for Noah and Elijah. Our oldest son is excited about Noah and Elijah's bed so he has already sketched the saloon bed and wants to do the building on that, but I hope I get to help. I REALLY enjoy this kind of work. Thanks again for offering your plan and inspiration.

I'm so glad you have fallen in love with building! ...and now the project list just keeps on growing. I look forward to seeing your projects. There have been a few boy style versions of this bed that are awesome. I am currently pregnant and we recently found out we're having a boy; I just know a cowboy bed will be in my future! For some reason, beds seem to be a constant on my project list!

Now, THAT is exciting news! Congratulations on your new adventure of becoming a mommy to a son. Our children and grandchildren are our best projects! It is the most difficult one but most rewarding, though. Enjoy every minute. The time passes so quickly.

I don't know off hand what specific yellow it is, because my daughter has it at her house. She is using the same paints to color coordinate an accessory item for their room. I will try to get the name of it this week. OK?

Deanna, this is gorgeous! I showed my husband Jenny's plans & I think we'll be giving it a go for our girls in a few months (when our youngest is ready to transition out of the crib). Your style and paint choices are spot on to what I'd like to do. I searched for you on Facebook to see more photos but couldn't find ya! Maybe you can add me if you're still a member? My name is Erin Ens (California).

This is so gorgeous! I love the yellow! Do you happen to have the PDF copy of the instructions? I cannot open the one provided on the main page? If you could email them to me I would greatly appreciate it!!

This is so gorgeous! I love the yellow! Do you happen to have the PDF copy of the instructions? I cannot open the one provided on the main page? If you could email them to me I would greatly appreciate it!!