Frosted Plexiglass Entry Door

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About This Project

Unknown 2x6s, Maple and Birch 3/4" plywood, Untreated Douglas Fir 2x2, various trims

We gutted our above garage apartment a year ago and have been DIYing as much as is reasonable inside. We installed Allure Ultra vinyl flooring throughout, which is thicker than the old, chipping peel and stick vinyl there was previously. Instead of planing the previous termite eaten hollow-core door with heavy, less-than-secure glass jalousies, we decided to build our own entry door.

We were able to use orphaned 2x6s in my mom's garage and old trim we saved from gutting our apartment. The choices we made amounted to a total of about $150 for this door, including basic door hardware and $70 plexiglass. The hardest part was spraying the plexiglass, as I'm a rather unsuccessful spray painter.

We appreciate having our custom door, and we hope someone else in need of an entry door is inspired to save money and try one out too!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Olympic semi-gloss latex paint in a deep purple shade.
Estimated Cost: 
$150, based on our choices and what wood was already owned


This is gorgeous! You did such a great job on this, love the custom design features you added to this door. It looks classy and expensive. :)