Wood Manger

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About This Project

My grandson wanted us to make a gift for his kindergarten teacher and as soon as I saw this I thought it would be perfect for her classroom (he goes to a Christian School) - sturdy enough for little hands to touch, but not break.

Because even at 5, my grandson is kind of a realist; we had to make the animals with a little more realistic features, I loved this project, it was quick and easy and best of all because I'm such a hobbyist, we had the scrap wood and the parts already available.

I'm loving all of the quick projects that you have posted - thanks Ana and Jamie.

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
An Hour or Two (0-2 Hours)


I love this and love the mods you made! What a great gift and I'm sure his teacher will be thrilled.