Build a Storage Trunk End Table with the Home Depot #DIHWorkshop

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Hello DIY Friends!  

Want to go to a workshop to build a Storage Trunk End Table?  This Thursday, the Home Depot - across the country - is putting on a workshop using one of my plans!

If you've always wanted to learn to build, or are just needing an outing and want to meet more building friends, definitely sign up and join us for this building party!

Here's the details:

Your Local Home Depot


Learn to use power tools to build a storage trunk/end table

Register online here

Hope you can make it!  And if you do - join the conversation at #DIHWORKSHOP

XO Ana + Family


First, LOVE your site!! Second, any chance we can see the plans or even just the a photo of the finished product? I signed up for the workshop but would love to see it beforehand. Thanks!

I already signed up. However, I had signed up the other workshops couple times before, it was only me signing up. Turned out there was no hands on experience. I really wanted to learn something with a group of people. Guess this time I would call the store first ;)

Even after registering and reminder emails, my Home Depot knew nothing about it… so after juggling everything to make it there, it was a bust! :(

Really disappointed, I was really looking forward to it! I even had a list of stuff I needed to pick up for other projects… but I just left.

I loved this workshop! it was so much fun and I am more confident with the tools! THANKS SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!

I did call the store before I go to the workshop, the staff told me that I will have hands on experience. Unfortunately, it turned out that my group of participants did not have a chance to even ''touch'' the tools. The class leader simply showed the box of Circular Saw and other paint tool/supply. She said that due to safety reason, she cannot let us use the tools! Though, I do appreciate her step-by-step explanation of the building process. Still, I am disappointed and wonder which Home Depot Store does provide a REAL hands on workshop!

I'm afraid the workshop was a bit of a bust here in Colorado Springs. I was looking forward to it because I enjoy your plans so much, but there wasn't an actual workshop.

The local Home Depot told me to go to a different one. When I went to the store that was having the workshop, it consisted of an employee showing me her partially-constructed box for 5 minutes and chatting with me. She also showed me a crate I could buy instead. There were not even any tools handy. There was not only no hands-on, there was not even any demonstration or instruction.

I have the feeling that type of experience is not what you were expecting. Is there any way for you to convey to Home Depot what the workshop itself should consist of, in addition to the project plans? I do appreciate the workshop, and suspect that other stores may have done a much better job.

Our Home depot was a bust as well. We were only allowed to glue with supervision -- we felt like kindergarteners. Hands-on it wasn't...

The leaders didn't take care with the projects either; we ended up with very "ugly" projects.

Hope you share the plans soon. I'd like to make one properly.

First of all, they didn't even mention Ana White (although we did get a book with your name in it). Second of all, no power tools. They just used nails, glue and a hammer to put it together. The lady leading the workshop knew less about building than I did. I left after about 1/2 way through because it was not helping me.