kids' playhouse

Submitted by pollyplum on Tue, 11/18/2014 - 05:47

My 6 yr old has been drooling over thewooden beautiful forts/playhouses/treehouses we see at some lumber stores.Problem is, they're built like mini- log cabins and are way over my budget.He would LOVE  any kind of hideout, even a small tent, but even on CraigslistI can't find one priced right.He is  my last( and 5th) child, and I can't afford to buy something that he'll play with for 6 mos and then we'll end up giving it away or donating itIs there a way to make him a hideout-fort-playhouse that is cheap, but more substantive than the old blanket over the dining room table?I want to make my baby happy, while he's still a little boy:)


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