Lofty Goals

Submitted by Ana White on Tue, 04/10/2012 - 10:49

Today is the last day I will be able to lay on a pile of lumber up at the Momplex and get a sun tan.

Well, let's be realistic.

Today is the last day I will look up from working on the Momplex and admire the beautiful clear blue spring sky.

And then get right back to work.

Step 1 Diagram
Step 1

Ah, I am going to miss it.

Okay, maybe not that much.

Let's make that definitely not that much.

Step 2 Diagram
Step 2 Instructions

Because we have lofty goals.

Because we have called the boom truck.

And in the morning, this pile of trusses is getting moved.

Step 3 Diagram
Step 3 Instructions

Hopefully neatly stacked like this.

Step 4 Diagram
Step 4 Instructions

The end or gable trusses showed up a little shorter than the rest.

Step 5 Diagram
Step 5 Instructions

So we built four of these to go on top.

It's the overhangs!

It is always easier to build when you are not on a ladder, so we spent the greater part of today building these overhangs.

Step 6 Diagram
Step 6 Instructions

Remember <a href="; target="_blank">last year when we put the top plates on the ARXX blocks?</a>

Well, we were so cold, we didn't finish trimming the ends.

Everything is so much easier to do when the sun is shining!

Step 7 Diagram
Step 7 Instructions

After the top plates are trimmed, we shim them perfectly level.

We also take some time to check for square and take overall measurements.

As first time ICFers, can I brag and say that in 44 feet overall, we grew only 1/4"? Nothing that can't be hidden by the roof!

We are quite proud, and especially happy to be working from square top plates!

We layed all the trusses out. It's easier to do these things without a truss hanging by rigging over your head, if you know what I mean.

Step 8 Diagram
Step 8 Instructions

And these brackets

Step 9 Diagram
Step 9 Instructions

They are easier to nail on now then when a pile of trusses are waiting to be set.

Can you imagine nailing on these brackets one by one, with everyone watching, truss hovering over your shoulder?

Step 10 Diagram
Step 10 Instructions

And since we've got help young and old alike ...

Step 11 Diagram
Step 11

We decided that now is as good as any time to build that second set of stairs.

Step 12 Diagram
Step 12

Uncle Bill and Grandpa Tim helped build the stair platform. It could not have been built more perfect.

They <a href="; target="_blank">build stairs as we did the other set.</a>

Step 13 Diagram
Step 13

And then railing is put up.

Having railing and two sets of stairs is going to dramtically help with time and safety.

Step 14 Diagram
Step 14

And our employees are quite happy about it.

Step 15 Diagram
Step 15

We finished off the truss prep day early, cleaning up and making sure all tools and materials are on site. My desk is clean.

We are ready.

Wish us luck and no wind, because the Momplex is getting a roof! Today!


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