Apothecary Hidden Storage Coffee Table

We needed a coffee table for our new house. I started this project but abandoned it. Fortunately, my wonderful husband took over and finished it beautifully and it's better than I ever imagined!
From the builder:
The frame was very easy to build, but the drawer requires more skill to make sure you build it truly square. make sure to NOTTT build the drawer to fit EXACTLY in the space of your frame. leave 1/16" gap on either side of drawer to allow it to roll on its casters freely and leave 1/8" gap from the top of the drawer to the frame for the same purpose. if you make these plans in the early stage your life will be much EASIER when the final assembly comes together!! also take into consideration when making the plans for the height of your table that you will most likely want to put furniture pads on the bottom to save your wood floors and this needs to be added into the total height of the table so you do not mess up the drawer height. for the knobs I found it easiest to buy 1-1/2" screws and counter sink them from the back of the drawer face to allow for the knows to fit snugly against the faux drawers. and as for the faux drawers i used the slightest amount of wood glue and used my 18 gauge brad nail gun with 5/8" nails to attach the faces to the drawer from the front and then come back with wood filler over the nail indentations to smooth it out before painting.

Estimated Cost
paint, wax, tungoil $70, drawer and frame $50, knobs $5, table top $free scraps
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
#2 pine for base and cherry for top
Finish Used
Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White, then distress with tools and then apply clear wax and minimum dark wax with sponge brush to emphasize distress, wipe off as needed.

Minwax Tungoil Finish for top.
Recommended Skill Level



Fri, 02/08/2013 - 12:02

I put this into my favorites folder. I'm impressed with how straight you got the drawer facings. Do you have any tips on how you lined them up so perfectly? Thanks for posting!

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