Barn Headboard

Hey All,


I built this out of the scrap wood pile at my local Hardware/Lumber store.  I distressed each piece of wood manually.  Each board took about an hour if you add up all the time.  First distress, then sand/clean, then stain, the sand/clean, then paint, then sand/clean, then polyurethane, then sand/clean.  It is a tedious process, but the end result is wonderful.  I got my inspiration from some of the barn wood headboards I've seen on this site.  I decided why not just go for a "barn" look instead of just using barn wood.  So then I figured, I might as well personalize it too with the first letter of my last name.  I wanted to give a feel, with the LEDs, that it was always sunny.  This project took me a very long time.  I didn't do this in one go, but over several months of a little bit at a time.  To go along with the authentic old feel, I ordered a bunch of 100 year old nails off the internet.  I think that it really seals the deal.  I also put the LEDs under the matching bedframe as well.  The LED's are setup so that they can be controlled via wireless remote, which I must say, is so cool!  I ordered the LEDs, and Plexiglas online.  The Plexiglas is probably the most expensive thing on this piece.  I wanted to show a picture of the back of the headboard so that you could see the "window" with the LED's.  The Plexiglas still has the brown paper on it.  I left that on until the last moment.  I didn't want to damage it in any way.  As you can see, my son also thinks the remote LEDs are awesome!!  I made the "barn lights" out galvanized buckets and normal nipple piping that was cleaned, primed and painted farm green.  The window frames were made from the brick molding I tore off of my garage when I replaced it with that new "plastic" brick molding.  Looks awesome!!  All of the paint that was used was bought from many store's mistint sections.  I made this bedframe 8 feet tall and wide enough to fit our king size bed.  I hope that everyone enjoys this and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.  I will do my best.  This is the 3rd project that I have attempted.  My first was my workbench, second was the bed frame.


Thanks so much for looking!!!


Estimated Cost
Wood were probably like 40-60
LEDs were maybe 20-30
Plexiglass was 65
Mistint paints 30-100, I buy mistints when I see them. I don't care the color as long as I don't have it.
Stain 30-50
Barn lights 20ish
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Recommended Skill Level

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