Benchright Farmhouse Dining Table

This was our first project from Ana-white. Make sure you notice that the dimensions on the cut list & drawings are different! We went by the cut list. We made a slight change to the frame on the end supports: instead of a 2x2, we used a 2x8. We felt more secure about people/kids pushing down on the edge of the table since we were able to both notch and put two screws into that end piece.

We used Aspen for the top, which I would not suggest. It ended up soaking up the stain very unevenly and blotching, even after using pre-stain.

For hardware, we used a 5 foot black iron pipe from Lowe's. Once we had the table assembled and the holes drilled, we remeasured and had Lowe's trim it by a few inches and re-thread (for free). We also used four square washers from McMaster-Carr (part no. 91128a140) which were $11after shipping.

We made our own wood putty out of sawdust, craft glue, and a little bit of the stain that we used for the table. It worked like a charm.

The two of us spent maybe 5 hours for assembly and another 6 for finishing.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Pine (frame) and Aspen (table top)
Finish Used
We used Minwax 'Early American' and Semi-gloss polyurethane. We rag-applied 3 coats of stain, used a foam brush for 1 coat of poly, and followed up with 2 coats of brush-applied poly. We suggest the brush application for poly. We used steel wool very lightly after each coat.
Recommended Skill Level


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