cypress providence table for screened porch

Provence table knockoff from restoration hardware (aka: providence) with 4x4s and providence benches

table modified to 90 inch length, benches to 42 inches

used lag bolts with a washer on 4x4's that show, kreg pocket screws everywhere else

note: the free-diy plans listed last have an issue with the table height. It came out 1 1/2" too high, so we made a change that I like better: we modified the table top to have a 2x4 skirt held together with kreg pocket screws that drops over the 2x4 frame above legs. we left about 3/8" gap between the skirt and framing so the framing would fit in easily. The top actually just sits on the frame so it is possible to move it in two pieces. It is so heavy and stable that we didn't worry about screwing it together.

we love it! perfect for 2 families to eat dinner together. my husband calls it Thor's table because it looks so tough.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
cypress 2x10s, rough cut cypress 4x4s, cedar 2x4's
Finish Used
I really wanted it to look old but hold up to my kids and the weather, so I used a chemical aging process followed by antiquing oil (from minwax)

Chemical aging solution is white vinegar (large plastic jug from the grocery store which cost $1.87) with a ball of steel wool shoved in it. Let it react for a couple days. Then drench the wood surface while you wear gloves (use paintbrush, roller, toothbrush or best: a sponge). It makes rust spots, so use a drop cloth and wear old clothes. The color shows up in a few minutes. Kind of like magic paint :) next day oiled it, one coat everywhere except table top which got 2 coats. rubbed surface with a cloth a few minutes after applying oil. Think linseed oil would work just a well.

It came out dark and old looking, kind of a grey/brown color with nice wood color showing through. The table top has beautiful knots. Our porch will get a little wet in blowing storms plus direct sun for a few hours each day, so I didn't want to put wax on it (would melt) or a stain (would make rings from water if sealer failed). Think we might have to reapply oil every couple years which is no big deal. The cypress should hold up nicely outside. So far it has not made any spots or rings since the surface is already pre-damaged with the aging solution. I don't think you can hurt this beast of a table.
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Thu, 07/05/2012 - 11:35

This is gorgeous! I definitely prefer the chunkier leg you used and love the hardware showing as well. That was smart the way you made the top for easier moving, too. Great job! I think you should have added the link for the plans, this way your picture will always show up above the plans in order for everybody to see it each time. :)

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