Double Pallirondack Settee

This is a Double Pallirondack Settee, an Adirondack-styled set of chairs connected by a two-shelf table that is also an umbrella holder. It is made 100% from recycled wooden pallets (thus the name). It took approximately four full pallets to make the settee. The finished picture was taken by its new owners after they stained it with a cedar-colored sealer and added an umbrella.

The other two images show it before I had added the bottom shelf of the table and it finished before staining. I just finished a second settee and will be selling that to someone who saw the original one at a party.

The design is based on a couple different plans -- one for the chairs and one for the table/umbrella holder. I modified both plans to make them work together. Great fun. If I could have worked on it straight through, it probably would have taken 2 full days, starting with pallet deconstruction, then cutting pieces, sanding, assembly of chairs and, finally, assembly of the connecting table.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Pine, ash
Finish Used
It now occupies the corner of my friends' pool area.
Recommended Skill Level



Thu, 07/12/2012 - 13:51

Unfortunately, no. I actually took the plans for a chair and mixed it with the plans of another settee. Essentially, the "inside" arms of the chairs do not get shaped at all. The front of the chairs are 12" apart (15 degree miter) and the backs are 27" apart if I remember correctly. I added 4" 2x4 blocks to the outside of the bottom back legs and that is what the bottom back table support is attached to on the settee. The the three center boards are cut to fit (1/2" in the front, 5.5" in the back and spaced equally. 1.5" hole for the umbrella holder in the center board, top and bottom.