Expanded Dream Dollhouse

Submitted by bellenh on Sun, 01/12/2020 - 17:13

We chose the Dream Dollhouse plan because all four grandchildren could play with it at the same time.  We also wanted to make the dollhouse entirely by hand - including much of the decor.  The original plan was expanded by raising each floor 2 inches (to allow for the repainted Susy oven cabinets); and an attic was added to allow all the third floor walls to be full height.  Interior walls were increased (7, 9 and 12 inches) to accommodate Barbie-sized furniture.  Eliminating the stairs and adding an elevator also increased usable floor space.  The wallpaper was scaled from online wallpaper images or designed to coordinate with the space.  All the bedding, rugs and the living room furniture were made by hand.  Some plastic Barbie or Susy doll furniture was repainted.   All the art and photos are specific to each grandchild.  Both the fireplace and chandelier will light.  The floors are cut from vinyl floor tiles.  The shingles are cut from jumbo craft sticks.   The completed house took 2.5 months with some very long days  as we were on a Christmas deadline!   We intend to make a 2-car garage topped by a deck (and maybe a pool) that can sit next to the house this summer.

Built from Plan(s)
Type of Wood
3/4 plywood, 1/2 plywood, 2x2 cedar, basswood
Finish Used
white paint with primer for all wood surfaces, sticky vinyl tiles cut into strips for flooring, jumbo craft sticks for shingles, t-tracks (from a workbench system) for the metal elevator slides.
Recommended Skill Level

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