Farmhouse Storage Bed

Submitted by dmather82 on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 16:41

The first piece of our replacement bedroom set. We have this hand me down set from the 70's that is just awful looking. I have dressers, bed side tables, a wardrobe, and closet doors to do still. I love the way this turned out. I tried the oxidized finish from Hillary and with some trial and error I found the right colors. I replaced the standard slats with a one-piece frame that can be lifted out for the storage space below. I can't wait to replace the rest of that awful blonde furniture and repaint the room. I made wood slides like those on my built in dresser although this time they are positioned beneath the drawers. The front of the drawer boxes make up the drawer faces with a face frame. I changed the front of the boxes to 1x12 to achieve this concept. The drawers work flawlessly and will be perfect for seasonal clothes accessed less often.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Big Box Pine and Fir
Finish Used
Black tea, Vinegar, and Steel wool Oxidized finish. The top coat is simply SEJohnson Wax. I had never used either and couldn't be more pleased with the result. I really liked the oxidized colors but the wax made me love them. The only issue I ran into was with the edge banding on the plywood frame. Initial attempts came out black or cobalt blue. Shame on me I used Red Oak banding. After sanding and playing with it I ended up adding a quick coat of Rustoleum Classic Cherry I had leftover. It worked pretty well to fix the color.
Recommended Skill Level

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