Farmhouse Table

Finally got the time to do the farmhouse table. Changed up just a few things. Flipped the ends around to add more leg room and put a 2x10 as breadboards. Chairs fit in about 8 inches under now and plenty of leg room and I'm 6'3. Only real adjustment is shorten the stretcher board by 3 inches total but just do stretcher board last and measure it to fit exactly.

Also wanted a different style bench so went with the bench that matched the Big Ur Farm Table and Bench and customized the benches to fit. Also instead of 2x4 all across top of bench I place a 2s8 in center. Adds just a 1/4 inch in total depth and looks great and one less board to do pocket holes on.

Estimated Cost
Approximately $300. Wood was close to $200 for table and two benches. Rest was stains, wood conditioner, poly, pocket screws etc.
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Pine and Douglas Fir
Finish Used
Miniwax Red Oak stain. Just used a rag and wiped in the stain. Definitely use wood conditioner first. Drastically helps if using pine or other soft woods. Then just a few coats of poly.
Recommended Skill Level

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