Farmhouse table

Submitted by jleach on Sat, 12/29/2012 - 06:53

This was my first project. This was a birthday gift for my wife. She wanted one of these farmhouse tables but the cost was a little much for what we needed. I ran across a blog that followed the plans here and it walked me through step by step. It really wasn't that difficult of a build, and I almost want to sell this one(to the many people that have asked about buying one) and building another to fix the minor mistakes I learned while building it.(maybe triming the top so I would have nice tight seams, glue visible between boards, etc..) I started with the bench being this was my first project and first time using the kreg jig. The wife loved it. So much in fact that I took the scrap wood and made a coffee table and end tables for living room that matched. I did change the runner under the table and used another 4x4 instead of the 2x4. I like the beefier look with all the other 4x4 used for the legs. I also used the smaller table plans for the 72x41 plans as we didn't have room before building the larger one. With the extensions, we have comfortable seated 12.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Minwax special walnut and Minwax semi-gloss poly
Recommended Skill Level



Mon, 12/31/2012 - 19:48

GREAT job! I just built this same table last weekend using what looks like the same plans (Tommy & Ellie?) and I had the same thought run through my mind about selling mine--even though it turned out great, I still wanted to improve on the minor things, like the tighter seams by ripping down the sides of the boards. I posted mine on CL to see what would happen and had it sold within 2 days at a $500 profit.

Yours turned out fantastic, I like the 4x4 lengthwise stretcher, that was a good call.


Sun, 07/12/2015 - 22:36

I love the table you made! I checked out the blog post and have been studying your plans for an hour now. I'm really wanting to make this table with my husband! We will be first timers so we don't have all the fancy clamps and stuff. Can this be done without the use of clamps? The original plans don't call for them, but it seems like every other post of people making the table uses clamps. Thanks so much! 


Thu, 09/15/2016 - 16:53

very nice job , im going to tackle it this weekenddid you use 2x4 or 2x6? plans call for 2x4 but neveryone seems to use different sizes




Mon, 11/06/2017 - 11:26

On your Farmhouse Table and Bench build from 2015, you substituted 4x4s for the leg supports under the table. In the original plans, the 2x4s are notched out to provide support for the other 2x4s. You can't do that if everything is 4x4s, so I was wondering how you connected the pieces...or did you notch out both pieces so they would rest in each other (kind of interlocking)? It's hard to tell from the pictures. Thank you. Sandy

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