Kitchen Table

Well, this is my second project and was built to replace the first one I did about 2 years ago.

Two summers ago I built the Modern Farm Table and, quite frankly, screwed it up. I rushed that job, not taking the time to be selective about my lumber and forgetting to heed the old axiom of "measure twice, cut once". In short, the table turned out 27" wide and the the table-top surface was as uneven as a highway's rumble strips. Yeah. I know. A sad showing on my part.

This project was a different story. I took my time; and by time I mean it took about 10 hours total, including 3 trips to Home Depot to buy things that I didn't take into consideration (like mineral spirits for brush clean up after polyurethane).

Anyway, this table is a mix between a regular Tryde Table and the Benchwright Table. I liked the thick, heavy look of the Benchwright Table's top, but did not want to sacrifice the ends' leg space by including the trestle.

So, this is pretty much a Tryde Table, with the faux-thick top of the Benchwright and 4" x 4" legs. I used Select Appearance Pine for the top boards. I did this more to ensure I got straight edges than for the surface finish quality. But I like the end result.

Dimensions: 74 1/4"L X 38.5"W X 30"H

Lumber: 4" X 4" legs, S4S 1" pine boards top, 2" X 4" aprons.

Finish: Red Mahogany

Cost: $160

Total time: 10 hours.

Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Pine Boards, Dimensional Lumber
Finish Used
Red Mahogany
Recommended Skill Level



Mon, 12/05/2011 - 17:28

You should be proud of yourself for not only doing a wonderful job on this table but for trying again! I love Ana's site because it allows each of us to begin small and build (no pun intended) bigger and more complicated as we learn!

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