Library book cart with handprints

Submitted by Leah on Wed, 05/25/2011 - 16:15

My children's books at my children's level! They take pride in building for themselves, and I couldn't be happier~

Ana's library cart was a breeze to build! I used my new pocket-hole jig with great success. This cart is strong, and holds a load of books.

The guys at Blue cut the wood. Thanks to the staple sticking off the end of some of my lumber, the cuts were off. I had to use coarse sand paper to take 1/8inch off some ends. Lesson learned~
The finish was the most fun. I used paint leftover from other projects, all water-based products. The top of the shelf has my 4yr-old son's hand-prints, the smaller face has my 2yr-old son's hand-prints. Alex loves it most, going to it and patting it and pressing his hand on it first thing every morning. They are both very proud of our work :D

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The entire cart was painted with Martha Stewart's Lemon Ice, the light green. The outer edge and shelf bottoms are painted with Behr's Summer Festival @ 50%, it's a shame the picture doesn't show the light teal well. The hand-prints are Behr blues, tho the names are forgotten. Satin poly covers and protects it all for years to come :)
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