My Surprise B-Day Gift and Project Wrapped Into One!

Submitted by Diania on Sun, 01/06/2013 - 17:14

How this beginner project became my B-Day gift: After seeing this on Ana's site I just knew I had the perfect place for these, plus it was a great project to wet my toes :-) After talking my husband's head off for about a week with all the new things I'm going to build this year, we were finally headed to Lowes to get material. Well to my surprise he also bought me a Kreg-Jig(Master Series) I AM GOING TO BE A BUILDING MACHNE! LOL

The cost really is around $10 or less but I spent some extra on Polycrylic to create a nice shine over the wood. I knew I wanted 8ft ledges so there was no cutting involved, wohoo! Here is what I used:

6 1x4 @8ft
3 1x2 @8ft
(I used 1 1/4in screws for project and 2in screws for mounting)
120 grit sand paper
After putting together the wood in a jiffy as described in Ana's plans I then sanded. Even the sanding, which I did by hand was fairly quick. Next the priming and painting took the longest as it had to dry obviously. After a few coats, I sprayed the polycrylic according to directions on can. That's it...

I was so excited as it was going up, I was planning on putting some candles, maybe some decorative stuff to go with the pics. I didn't realize how many pictures I have! Wow! Guess I'll have to dust off my Kreg-Jig and make more. :-)

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
An Hour or Two (0-2 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Primer, White Glossy Paint, and Minwax Spray Polycrylic. Polycrylic is easy to use and very quick to dry.(about 30min) I simply used it to create a shiny look.
Recommended Skill Level
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