Our Farmhouse/Lydia Toddler Bed

I fell in love with the Farmhouse Toddler bed, but decided to stray a little from the plan and made a couple changes. I chose to use 2x2 lumber for the legs and purchased mortise-free bedlocks from Lee Valley Tools so I could disassemble the bed to make moving it easier.

I lengthened the height of the headboard so it was flush with the bottom of the bed and also lowered the entire bed so it's only 4-1/2" off the ground.

Rather than attach the wood mattress slats, I cut and nailed small wood "spacers" that the slats sit between. This keeps the slats from shifting, but makes them quick and easy to remove to disassemble the bed.

I loved the look of the curved rails on the Lydia Toddler bed but extended them a bit further than the original plan.

The mattress we have was a different size than the orignal plan was based off, so I ended up using all 1x4 lumber and then just trimmed off about half an inch on each side before attaching to the legs with pocket hold screws.

I'm thrilled with this little bed and so far our daughter seems to enjoy it as well.

Type of Wood
Construction grade pine & spruce
Finish Used
Primer, white latex paint, polycrylic clear coat
Recommended Skill Level

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