Website Issues and Questions

I'm having trouble resetting my password.  Can you help?
I'm sorry for any troubles with the site. First and foremost, please check your spam folder for the password reset email.  If you still have trouble, send an email to anawhitesite@gmail.com with your username and email address, titled PASSWORD RESET and I will reply with a temp password.
My comments/posts aren't showing up.  Please help!
Because we have given freedom to anyone, and by anyone, I mean people trying to sell prescription drugs and give your computer viruses, we have to implement a spam system.  It is possible that your comments/posts are being recognized as spam.  I am very sorry, and do my best to look through spammed comments for those that are legit - but sometimes it takes me a day or two.
I sent you an email, but didn't get a reply.
I am SO sorry.  I appreciate you taking your time to write.  Thank you to those of you that write thank you emails - I do read and it makes my day! Sometimes I just go through incredibly busy times and emails get backed up.  With all sincerity, I do apologize. Keep bugging me :)
What happens to all that furniture you build?
I donate any unused furniture to local charities, and friends, family, people in need.  We try to find good homes for our pieces, since each one is very meaningful to us.
Can I advertise on your site?
To keep everything free on our site, I do work with advertisers.  At the moment, we only work with a small amount of large advertisers, as it is time consuming to create and write contracts and support these efforts.  
Can I post articles on your website?
If the intent of posting your article on our website is to include links to your product or website, it will be considered spam and promptly removed.  
For large businesses, please check out our media kit.  Thank you for your interest in keeping plans free on Ana-White.com.
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Anonymous (not verified)

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 06:11

What kind of nailer do you recommend? btw you are an absolute imspiration! Thanks so much for this fabulous site!

Anonymous (not verified)

Fri, 07/20/2012 - 22:44

I feel different. I have sore boobs and have been feeling very tired. I have had some cramps on one side (different to period) as well as some spotting 11dpo, so I tested 13 dpo and it was negative.

Patio Furniture


Sat, 06/01/2019 - 08:43

I'm about to start building the Cabin Bunk System for my son but there seems to be a potion of the plans missing; the right side with the ladder. I've searched the site over several times and cannot find them. If they are still available or if anyone has a copy, can they be sent to me?





Fri, 07/26/2019 - 11:35

I was thinking about making my own dining room table, and love your Rekourt table.  My only problem: none of the dining room table plans you have are for extension tables - I have a large extended family and would like the ability to extend the table to seat 10-12 people.  Pottery Barn sells a similar table (the Livingston table) that is extendable.  You have mentioned in the past Osborne Wood as a source for table legs - and I noticed that they also sell table slides to make extension tables.  Do you think in the future you may provide a dining room table plan for an extendable table?  Would love to see it!