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Hi everyone and welcome to the new site!  

We've been working hard behind the scenes with one big goal in mind - Make this website faster and easier to use - so you can spend less time searching for plans and more time building!  There are still a few issues we are working out, and we appreciate your patience.  It always gets worse before it gets better, doesn't it?

With this new site, we are hoping to:

- Make the site easier to use on a variety of different devices (phones, tablets, and computers)

- Improve the search functionality

- Add sort features to make plans and brags easier to find

- Improve the forum ease of use

- Make being a site user easier and more powerful and enjoyable

- Streamline the overall look and feel so plans and brags take center stage

We are aware of the following issues and are working to fix:

- Site not coming up right on mobile devices

- Fatal error when using the search feature

- Some plans and brags are not published

- User profile pictures may have been altered during migration

Additional Issues and Concrerns

If you notice any other site issues, please comment to this post so we can be aware and take steps to fix.

Thanks so much!



Hi love the new site, I noticed though that the camp bunk plan is not working and I was just about to make the stairs for it. Thanks again Ana

Hi - we are still working on the error on some of the plans. I am so sorry for the trouble. In the meantime, try searching for the plan on Google. In the google results, following the URL (listed below the title of the search results) is a small arrow pointing downward. Click this arrow and select "Cached" from the menu that will appear. This will link you to the old version of the site.

The Camp Loft Bed Cached Plans are here:

Great job Ana updating and improving your web site. I look forward to contributing more Brag Posts in the future. Recently I have delved into weaving chair seats with Rush and Reed. Something you might consider incorporating in some of your projects as an alternative to the normal wood seat. I am also learning to turn wood. It is a challenge. Keep up your good work.


Hi Jake, thank you so much for all the support - I was blown away with how many beautiful brag posts you've shared with us already!!! Would love to see the rush and reed weaving - always wanted to try it myself! Ana

I wanted to post a brag, but I'm getting a "The Page title is using the following invalid tokens: [current-page:page-title]." whenever I try to post. Any insight.

Hi Ana,

Love the new look! And searching the plans is definitely better. One thing I miss though is the blog roll you had. Because you had so many of my favourites there, I hadn't bookmarked them separately, but used your page to find them! Any chance of bringing that back?

The only thing I miss is the "Handmade from this plan" list of brag posts connected to each plan... maybe it will come back in the future! The page definitely is more streamlined and loads more quickly, Ana! Thank you for working so hard to make it a good user experience for us, and let us know what we can do to help. :)

Hi Ana,
Congrats on the new site! I know you're still working on fixes. It's been a couple months since I visited the site and was looking forward catching up on the momplex. Will there be a momplex link that leads you to the past posts in order by date as before?

Hi everyone, you've totally made my day by asking for the Momplex back!!! We basically combined different content types (technical gibberish I know) so are in the process of going back through each Momplex post and categorizing it so we can then put the posts back in the main menu. Hopefully we will complete this in the next week. We appreciate the feedback and your patience. Ana

Hi Anna I like the new website design but there is one big change I would like to see me to it on your old website when you would post pictures of your sketch up drawings you often put assembly notes and dimensions the text was very very small but that was no problem because if you clicked on the image you would get a much larger view of it and you could clearly see the text. This feature seems to be missing from your new website I would love to see this incorporated into your new site again.


Hi Brandon, we are terribly sorry this issues has been happening. The plans are back up here:

Long story short is the new site is scanning plans for broken links within the plan. If the plan has a broken link, it was automatically unpublishing the plan. We hope to have this issue fixed.

Thank you for your patience with the site, we will continue to try to make it better and more user friendly.