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Hi! I am Riva and as you have noticed, my name rhymes with diva. My favorite color is leopard. I like sparkly and shiny things. I try to be considerate of others. I do have a dry sense of humor that one considers rude on occasion. I am a Mormon. Scorpio. I dabble in a lot of hobbies. Fashion Designer. DYI-er. Entrepreneur. Aspiring Artist. Quote Admirer. Music Craver. Decorating Wannabe. Occasionally Shy. Novice Wood Worker. Food Lover. Party Planner. Personal Shopper. Etiquette Addict. Essential Oiler. Beauty Enthusiast. Wife. Mother. Friend. I don’t pretend to know everything, however, I know what I like. My site, www.rivaladiva.com, is to showcase my undertakings in a these areas. Maybe you might like some of it, too.

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