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I am a mom of two wonderful and highly energetic boys, wife to a great man, and employed full time. I have only built one thing on my own and can not wait to start my next project. I swear by re-purposing! My favorite thing is sharing time on a activity/project with my husband and kids. I have always enjoyed the feeling of doing something myself rather than paying someone to do it for me.
On my most recent trip to store to buy supplies for this build (my first). I was putting a large piece of wood onto the cart (while still doubting myself) when a gentleman approached me and took over the process of loading the board, he looked at me and said, "this is mans work". Well, I smiled and bit firmly on my tongue. I did not realize that, that saying would fuel the fire to get this done. I smiled and said "think you". Little does he know that he had pushed me to the point of no return. At that point there was no more doubt.

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