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Cubby Bookcases Modular Office Collection

Cubby bookshelves are so popular because they enable you to further sort and organize your belongings. No longer do you need bookends and even baskets and bins become optional. This cubby bookshelf works with the craft table top to create a project table. It's the best of both worlds - ample workspace and easy storage. Build the cubby bookshelves alone or add the project tabletop for even more functionality.

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File Base for the Classic Storage Wall System Desk

These plans coupled with a few more, and you can create an entire office wall system! This simple plan features two drawers that can be used as a file system, optional base and edge moulding, and a deep countertop space. Drawers use metal drawer guides.

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Toddler Farmhouse Bed

You will be amazed at just how easy it is to build these cute little farmhouse beds. And how inexpensive! Designed to fit a toddler sized mattress, please read comments as your mattress size may differ and you will need to make slight adjustments for the best fit.

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