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Simple Sawhorse Table

From Cindy: Thank you so much for this amazing DIY instructions! I just completed 2 desks! One for me and one for Hubby! It took me a little while longer than 2 hours…but well worth it! Even with no experience it turned out amazing! I attached pictures of the ones I made! Thanks again! Hubby & I are very excited about our new desks! Oh BTW! 2 Desks = $80!!!!

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Easy Wall Bookshelf

A simple to build shelf that can add style and function to wall spaces. Perfect for CDs and DVDs, books, and frames, this wall bookshelf is designed to be easy to build, easy to look at and easy to use. Thank you to Kenny-C for sharing his photo. Kenny-C added doors to this plan for a beautiful wall shelf.

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Rustic Media Console Cabinet

This simple closed media console can be built with or without drawers. Add a rustic finish and hardware, and create a beautiful spot for your tv - or use as a console table.

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Kid's Elementary Trestle Storage Play Table

This simple little play table with storage has got to be one of my favs. It's perfect for homeschooling, crafts, or for bigger kids to do their homework or play games on. Special thanks to one of our readers for the photo! Inspired by Land of Nod's Elementary Table.

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