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Face Frame Wall Kitchen Cabinet Template

Building kitchen wall cabinets is actually pretty straight forward.  With just a little know how and a few tools, you can create just about any kitchen wall cabinet.  In this free template, I show you how to build face frame kitchen wall cabinets.

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Simplified 8' Barn Door Console Plans

One of our most popular projects is this barn door console.  But we wanted to make it even simpler and easier to build - and in a longer length! - so more people can have this amazing project in their home for about $350.  The console in this plan is a whopping eight feet long, three feet tall and about 16" deep (it's BIG).  Paint or stain any color.  Free plans by

Updated: 6' Version Now Available Here

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Wood Pumpkin Treat Holder

Build your own treat holder for trick or treaters. This super simple build uses pallet wood or cedar fence pickets and can be painted or stained any color!  Free tutorial by

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