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Lemonade Stand for Grace's Town Collection

This cute plan works with the wide hutch plans (Grace's Town Collection) to help your little one's in their pretend play. Features a bar and shelving behind the bar, just right height for a cash register, and ample opportunity for creative touches, this lemonade stand is sure to delight little ones. Photos from Shawn, thank you!

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Barnwood Frames - $1 and 10 minutes

For those of you not needing toys and kids stuff, don’t give up on me! Here is a cheap and easy, but sure to be cherished gift idea for adults. Shopping for some fabric, I noticed an empty frame retailing for $99 for a 24”x36”. Labeled as the “Barnwood” Frame, I was shocked at the markup. It seems the more simple something is, the more we are willing to pay for it. Now I know what a couple of rustic 1x2s cost – $1.50 to be exact. I’m not certain what 16 nails cost, or the tiny bit of weathered w

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Market Base for Grace's Town Collection

Featuring front and back storage, pass through market bins, and just right height for a cash register, this market base also works with a hutch (plans available in Grace's Town Collection). Give your child endless hours of pretend play with this solid wood, easy to build project plans. Special thanks to Canessa for sharing her photos with us.

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Wide Hutch for Grace's Town Collection

From Lindsay, this hutch is so many time cuter than the one I built! Originally designed for a Grocery Store, as Lindsay demonstrates, this hutch can be used for tons of other pretend play ideas as well! While the original plan call for an arched top, I love how Lindsay simplified the design by adding a simple curtain.

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Kid's Benches

I designed (and actually built) Kid’s Storage Chairs to post plans for you all to enjoy, but I decided the plans were too complicated to get my recommendation. No, not every plan I draw up makes it all the way to the blog – I strive to provide plans that are cheap, easy, simple, and quick, yet still stylish and functional. These kid’s benches are all that – cheap, easy, simple, quick, stylish, and very functional.

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