My version of Dress Up Tower

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Here's my version of the Dress Up Tower....a couple of modifications I made:

I rounded the corners on bottom of the sides and front/back pieces where the feet meet the flat area (up 4" from bottom of feet).

I did this because I made a template on paper which I transferred to 3/16 hardboard. I used the template as a guide for my router with a flush cutting bit to make an exact match of the template (because the diameter of the router bit is round, it will round 90 degree corners--if a square corner is desired, then all you have to do is square up the rounded corner with a chisel). I found this method much easier and more accurate than using a jig saw and saved myself from a lot of sanding.

If you do the jig saw/sanding method, one recommendation--it is easiest to gang the pieces together when sanding(ie: clamp both pieces together so that the two sides and edges and top/bottom align) and then sand them together as one unit. This way you can get both pieces to match up better than by sanding each side individually and then trying to match them up by eye. This is especially helpful when sanding the top radius as well as finish sanding the feet. A belt sander with 60 grit, then 100, then 120 sandpaper will remove all the saw marks from your piece.

Also, in order to get both sides symetrical, I have a SketchUp file with 4 layers. Each layer has a specific portion of the piece (one for the sides top, sides bottom feet and one for the front/back arc and bottom feet). If this template is printed out at 1:1 ratio in landscape layout, all you have to do is align the printed out pieces and tape them together to have a perfect template. Just trace the templates onto your wood surface and cut away!!

(this site won't let me upload the .skp file type so email me if you want the templates and I'll send them to you.)

***If you really want to make things easy, just follow the link to my Etsy shop below and you can order one directly from me at a very reasonable price!!

Good luck,

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