Window Coffeetable

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I rescued a really sturdy window with tempered glass panes from the curb, and decided it needed to be a coffee table. I cut down some old bannister rails (from a friend's backyard) for legs. The window and legs are framed with inexpensive pine boards.

Tools: Kreg Jig, Drill, and hand saw
Finish: Benjamin moore "twilight," minwax "red mahogany" stain, and minwax wipe-on poly


Ali Dubin (not verified)

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 11:49

How did you attach the legs? I made a table out of a HEAVY french door... first time I've done anything like this. I bought IKEA legs and screwed them on...but the table is wobbly and is so heavy, I worry. How did you attach your banister legs?
Thank you!!

Edward Norton

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 06:39

I would not be so quick to use in a room where children would be because that type of glass is not tempered hard enough to support a lot of weight. Kids being kids will drop things on it, sit on it or even possibly even jump on it or around it. It wouldn't take much to break it in the vertical position.

I don't like being the "spoiler" of the project but safety means more than appearance, or at least in my opinion.