Learn Sketchup Live with me on Periscope!

Submitted by Ana White on Sat, 07/18/2015 - 06:55

Hello friends, from Atlanta today!!!

As you know, I'm off hanging out with hundreds of other DIY bloggers from around the country, at Haven Conference, this weekend, in Atlanta.  

Yesterday was such a fun day!

My first session was with the Home Depot DIH Workshops, we made this tray!  I know it's a simple project, but I'd like to do a video soon on how to notch the 1/4" plywood into the bottom with a circular saw, because I really liked how this tray was put together.  

Alot of beautiful trays were made in this class, and I was shocked at the creativity of everyone!  I especially loved the tiled trays, so you can put hot items in the tray!  This herringbone tile one was made by Joy's Life, isn't it beautiful?

We will definitely have to do this sometime!

Probably the awesomest, funnest thing that has happened is Jamison from The Rouge Engineer let Jaime from That's My Letter and Jen Woodhouse and I give him a hand prepping for his session. Seriously, Disneyland for woodmakers.  

I was so honored to be in the company of such hardworking, talented, humble and kind people.  These three are the real deal, they are even better in person, if you don't already follow them, make sure you do that right now.

Okay, now for the REAL reason I snuck off to my room to write you -

I'm doing a session today (as in a couple of hours!) with Build Something that will be about helping bloggers create better plans. We'll be going over design principles and giving tips on what to include when sharing a plan.  I will be giving a quick demo on how to use Sketchup too!!!

I know alot of you who couldn't make it to Haven want to learn sketchup too.  Just because you aren't at Haven doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun though.  I will be sharing the Sketchup Demo live on Periscope on today around 1PM EST.  

Here's how you can watch live and join in on the conversation.

1. Download Periscope on to your phone.

2. Follow me on Periscope.  To do this, open Periscope on your phone, click on the people icon at the lower right corner of the screen, and search "knockoffwood" - Ana White should pop up.  Follow me.

3. Have your phone on you on Saturday around 1PM EST - you'll get a notification that I'm doing a live video on Periscope.  You can join in and comment and ask questions from Periscope.

See you soon!!!