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Happy Holidays!

A special thank you to you for being a part of our life this year.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Ana, Jacob and Grace 

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Couple Speak Contest

Last weekend, we were at a local wedding reception, and interesting enough, almost everyone at our table was building something! We of course are in the middle of building our mothers a duplex AKA Momplex. Some of our friends are building an Airplane Hanger, and our other friends just finished a beautiful home and are building home number two.So the conversation naturally turned to trusses and framing, followed by the every present worry of getting a roof overhead before snow falls.  

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Add a Ana White Button to Your Blog

Show your support for and help others discover handmade furniture by placing a button on your site. Available in three sizes to fit most sidebars, simply copy the code below the desired button and paste into a text or html widget/gadget in your blog or website sidebar. Thank you for linking back. We appreciate the support! 150x150 Button <a href="><img src="

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Help with a Few (Hundred) Boxes

It's framed, the roof is on, the drywall is up, siding is done, bathrooms and kitchens work, but some of the closets still need shelving and a few light fixtures aren't quite in yet.  And most of our stuff is moved, just a few more trips, and we can call it home.

Yep, our site is moving to a brand new home!

I've been feeling a little like I'm in a leaky row boat in the middle of a rainstorm, trying to row to shore and bail water out at the same time these last few weeks, bu

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Good for my Lungs

I feel I need to write some sort of update to let everyone know where I'm at with the whole For Sale idea.

My mission here at is maturing from just wanting to save you a little money, to instead to increase the amount of handmade furniture in homes.  As you hear me say so many times, anytime something is handmade, it's money spent locally (or saved :) if you happen to be the builder) but more importantly, it's money not spent on imported furniture produced ov

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