So I found this walk for Autism Speaks, its in Tampa, FL near my home. I'm having a -BAKE SALE!!!!!!- and am going to raffle off a few things I make out of wood. Like this bed. Well, I'm keeping the first one because it's not perfect. But I'll make a second, raffle that one. My goal is $550, but I have a team and our goal is $1,200. Total. My not-so-realistic personal goal would be $2,000, with help from others of course. I would like our team to raise 5, as this hits close to home.

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Wine Crate Ottoman

After seeing many ottomans at stores that had a unique look with a big price tag, we decided it would be fun to try and build our own. -Start with buy finding wine crate at a local store. -Go to home depot or lowes and ask for scrap pine wood (that otherwise gets turned into dog food filler btw) -Build an interior frame (wood glue, pre-drilled holes, wood screws) that fits in the wine crate and houses the leg support -Upholster the top using 1/2 inch plywood, 2 inches of foam (glued), batt

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