Barnboard Live Edge Console

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 01/17/2022 - 10:57

Barnboards with live edge provides an artistic appearance, so this project was to maximize live edge, and barn board finished ends.
Barnboards are chosen based on sturdiness, and also unique edges that add character. A jig is used to rip 2 or 3" off of a live edge board. Then cut to length to assemble project. The shelf is cut to length using a 45° miter cut underneath final finished length. Swing the miter saw to Cut a 45° in the opposite direction of the previous cut on the scrap portion, slicing a long triangle, this is garbage. Then cut a 90° slightly past the miter cut, giving a 90° triangle the will fit under the finished edge of your board. The barnboard grains will match up perfectly, as well as interesting dips and curves on the edges. Glue the piece to the finished board, lining it up carefully. Then airgun nails in for extra support.
This is a project I just finished building for someone, and similar concept to what you had in the latest email. I have enjoyed watching what you have been doing. Keep up the awesome work, and encouraging others!
Dorothy Michel
Rustic Timber Decor


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