Suped up Shop Stool

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/21/2017 - 21:40

Here is my variation on Ana's stool.

I decided to go Tim Taylor on it, mainly because I had heavier stock laying around my shop, and also because that's how I roll.   

I used 4" wide 1/4" plate that I had and welded it together to make an 8x8" seat base (this was my first welding project in almost 20 yrare so forgive the rough welding.) I purchased the 1" black allthread, nuts and square washers at whitecap supply.  The allthread there was literally half the cost of a 5/8" rod at the local big box store. Once I cleaned the metal parts I went to work welding the nut to the washer and that was then welded to the 8x8 plate. From there I assembled the stool and welded the rod into the seat assembly. As you can see I cut a hole in the seat plate so I could screw the rod all the way through and then weld it top and bottom. This really added a ton of stability. Then it all was ground smooth so I could mount the wood seat. I used 1 1/4" ply from a recycled table top. After a dry assembly I disassembled it all, sanded, stained and reassembled. 

Overall I'm happy with the build, but I don't like the stain. Way too orange. This thing is a real tank.

The only tweaks I have planned are to add a darker stain (it's not clear coated yet and I used danish oil so I think it will work ok), weld one more nut and washer to put under the cross support as there is a little side to side play in the top nut, and have all the metal parts treated with black oxide to protect from rust, not to mention sweeten the overall look. If I ever make a set for a future home that has a bar, I will purchase some fast thread rod from McMaster Carr. A bit pricy at $50 for 3 feet, but it is about a 1" rise per turn ratio, and it is not as sharp as construction grade allthread. 

I hope you all all like my variation and it never would have happened without Ana. THANK YOU ANA!  

Estimated Cost
$25-30 for allthread and hardware. I had he wood and metal plate already.
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Doug fir 2x2's and maple 1 1/4 ply
Finish Used
Watco cherry danish oil, will be sprayed with several coats Matt poly for durability. Walnut or dark walnut would be better.
Recommended Skill Level

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