5 Sliding Miter Saws That Fit on a 24" Workbench

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 01/27/2020 - 11:51
sliding miter saws that fit on a standard workbench

A compound sliding miter saw is one of the most useful and time saving tools a homeowner can have - especially if it's set up and ready to go all the time. But most sliding miter saws need about three feet of sliding clearance - taking up tons of valuable shop or storage space.  Who wants a three foot deep workbench?  Not me.

BUT things are changing!  There's a new crop of saws out that need little to no clearance behind the saw - so you can mount the saw on a standard two foot deep cabinet.  

Wouldn't that be amazing?  Your saw mounted on a standard depth workbench, with support on either side of the saw for your wood?

sliding miter saws that fit on work benches

I have two of the saws listed below (the Bosch is shown on our standard 2 foot deep Pony Wall Workbench) and provided my honest thoughts.  If you have any of these saws, please add comments, let's help each other make great tool investments.



Bosch Glide Miter Saws

Bosch Glide Miter Saw

The Bosch 10" and 12" gliding miter saw doesn't use a sliding bar - instead it has a patented telescoping system to enable you to make longer cuts.  

We purchased the 12" saw about seven years ago (a Christmas present from my husband!) and it has been a great saw.  It does everything I need it to, and is easy to operate and adjust.  It is a high quality saw that has had no issues, and has amazing reviews on Amazon.

Price: $500-$600



Delta Cruzer Saws

delta cruzer sliding miter saw

Delta is known for quality, durable tools. The new Cruzer saws feature zero rear clearance, but all the bells and whistles. Available in 10" and 12" models.  We'd love to get our hands on this one - but haven't used it personally yet.

Price: $400-$500



Makita Side Sliding Miter Saw

makita battery operated miter saw

The first saw I ever used was a Makita, and no offense to other saws, none have ever quite matched up to the smoothness and accuracy.  We traded that first Makita for the Bosch saw above because the original Makita need a three foot workbench to slide.

I'm so excited to see this saw from Makita - but haven't personally used it. It's also available in a battery powered version.

Price: $450



Metabo HTP Sliding Miter Saws

metabo htp saw

Hitachi is now Metabo HTP.  I noticed their line of zero rear clearance saws on the shelf at Lowes the other day.  They look very durable and have great reviews, but I haven't personally used them.  The price point seemed more competitive than the others.  There was a few different options too, so maybe a great place to start for a first saw.



Festool Kapex Miter Saw

festool kapex sliding miter saw

I have this saw, and it is great.  It does everything I ask, and does it well.  The only gripes I have are I can't stand the throttle/safety system - it's backwards from every other saw so it is confusing going back and forth between other saws.  And it is extremely pricey - we purchased this saw as a lifetime investment as professionals who use it daily - but I'm not sure it's worth it for hobby woodworkers or weekend DIYers.

Price: $1400+ OUCH!

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