Color Block Umbrella Table Featuring Dukes and Duchesses

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Umbrella Table by Dukes and Duchesses

It's been hot up here in Alaska, and when I say "hot" I mean in the 80's! I am not complaining, and I will not, will NOT mention the snow that was dumping out of the sky on June 1 (that magical date which everybody up here refers to the safe date to plant your garden, pfff) 

Anyhows, an umbrella has sounded like a nice break from that hot beating sun, or snowstorm, whatever it may be. SO, I went a searchin' and this is what I found!

Isn't it just too fun, with the bright splash of color? This just looks like a fabulous day to sit back, relax and enjoy a cool glass of tea!  Dukes and Duchesses has a sweet little tutorial for you and me, head on over!


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