Fancy X Coffee Table Featuring In My Own Style

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Fancy X Coffee Table with Repurposed Mirror by In My Own Style


I am amazed everyday at the projects everybody shares! It astounds me that a simple plan can be modified and made into an entirely different project! The DIY tutorials we provide are just a stepping stone opening the door to your interpretation, isn't it great!

So here we see a very nice mirror, but the end result and repurpose by In My Own Style, is nothing short of AWESOME!

Using This plan 

To build a coffee table, with repurposed mirror top! It's amazing, see for yourself!

So if you never looked at the Fancy X Farmhouse Table plan and thought, that would make a really nice coffee table, but not sure it could be done, IT TOTALLY CAN!

Hopefully you'll never look at a plan again the same, put your twist on it, just try it out. It's amazing how far we can take a simple idea and make it our own custom design!

In My Own Style has the tutorial on how it was done, so swing over for a little bit of magic!

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