Faux Brick Wall Art

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My original plan was to create an entire brick accent wall, but I ended up choosing to create a brick art piece, instead. I felt like it would be a less-permanent way to bring an industrial element into the room.

I knew I'd have to fake it, as brick is too heavy, so I used up a stack of scrap 2x3's to create my wood "bricks".

(In an attempt to avoid one really long tutorial, I split this project into two parts. This is the building of the overall project. You'll find the details on how I stained, distressed, and finished the wood bricks, on my blog.) http://www.myalteredstate.co/paint-wood-look-like-brick/

Faux Brick Wall Art
Faux Brick Wall Art


Kreg Jig


Step 1

To start off, I cut up varying lengths from 2x3 scrap and used some wire cutters to cut out chips along the edges.

Step 2

Following a brick pattern, I used glued/clamped them to a 1/8″ plywood sheet. (I used heavy objects as clamps, and a strip of wood to act as a temporary spacer between the blocks.

Step 3

Then, I filled in the gaps with lightweight paper or cardboard. (I wanted to eliminate as much weight as I could.)

Step 4

Next, I used caulk and then some gritty plaster of paris to act as grout.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

I used a square as a guide, because it’s nice and square.

Step 8

To double check my measurements, I did a dry run with the wood brick piece inside the frame.

Step 9

Next, I painted the frame and added a 1 x 1.5″ strip around the inside front edge to create a shadow box effect.

Step 10

After I painted the frame, I mounted the piece(s) to studs on my wall. (I made the brick in two sections, for easier handling.)

Step 11

Next, I totally highjacked my husband’s idea for the lights…

Step 12

The shadow box frame fit perfectly right over the top.

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