Trundle for Bed or Storage

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 23:05
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A trundle can add so much extra storage or even an additional sleeping space to a room. This trundle features a clever design that creates a solid bottom on the trundle.

Special thanks to Kayleen for her amazing photos.

Fits Standard Twin Mattress - Adjustable Sizes


Shopping List

1 sheet of 3/4″ Plywood or MDF
3 – 1x8s or 1x10s (depending on the height of your trundle)
2″ screws
wood glue
wood putty
sand paper
finishing supplies
6 Caster wheels, overall height at least 2 1/2″
Screws to attach caster wheels

Common Materials
2 inch screws
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
Cut List

Please reference the instructional steps for cut list as this trundle is designed to custom fit to your bed.

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Kreg Jig
Circular Saw
Table Saw
Power Sander
General Instructions

The most important factor in building a trundle is ensuring it will fit under the bed. With this in mind, I am going to encourage you to build your trundle to the specifications of your bed. If you would like to use the trundle with a standard twin mattress, the overall clearnance length of your bed (the length between the legs on the sides) must be at least 77″. If you are building a bed, make note of this and build your bed so the side rails are 77″ long.


Step 1

You must also understand the overall height of the trundle. Make sure your trundle will fit under the bed. The trundle I designed uses 1x8s, and you will need at least 8″ of clearnance under the bed. If you have more clearance, you can use a 1×10.
Measurents you will need:
A) Overall height or clearance under the bed
B) Overall distance between the legs of the bed (or the length of the siderails)
C) Width of the bed. Overall width of the bed is approximately 39″ for a twin.
Subtract 2″ from the overall height (A). This is approximately the greatest height you could make your trundle at. Of course you could make the trundle shorter.
Subtract 1/2″ from the overall measurement (B). This is the greatest possible length of the trundle. Of course, you can make the trundle smaller.
Remember, a standard trundle mattress measures 75″ x 39″. I recommend staying close to these dimensions in order to use a standard twin mattress, standard twin sheets, etc. I will note, however, that I did make the top of my playhouse bed loft 72″ x 36″ and a mattress fit fine up there.

Step 2

Cut your plywood equal to the distance figured for C as the width of the plywood. Cut the length of your plywood the distance of A – 1 1/2″. In this example, B = 72, so the plan shows the trundle to be cut at 70 1/2″. C = 38 1/2″, and the plywood is cut at 38 1/2″. (Also note that these are the correct dimensions for a storage trundle for the Simple Daybed.)
Attach the ends, as shown above. This example shows the use of 1x8s. For a deeper trundle, you can use 1x10s (if your bed has at least 10″ of clearance). Leave a 2″ clearance under the plywood when attaching the trundle sides, this is shown above. Use the 2″ screws to predrill through the trundle sides and screw into the bottom. If you are using MDF, make sure you predrill the entire depth of the screw and use drywall screws NOT wood screws. Avoid screwing within 1″ of the end edges of the MDF.

Step 3

Attach the Trundle Sides. Attach the trundle sides in the same manner as step 1. However, make sure you also screw into the end edges of the trundle side ends.

Step 4

Caster Wheels. Worried about the middle of your trundle sagging? Don’t be. This trundle is not going to sag. Add trundle wheels to each of the four corners and two wheels in the center of the trundle, as shown above. The center trundle wheels will act as a support and prevent the center of the trundle from sagging.

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Guest (not verified)

Sun, 12/11/2011 - 15:20

Hi, I love this design! I think I'm going to have to build my own trundle b/c we bought a twin xl mattress and finding a trundle to fit has been impossible! I'm wondering if you could help me figure out how to/where to add enough height underneath the trundle portion for a set of drawers?


Guest (not verified)

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 09:41

Would you mind sharing where the bedding is from?

wimsy (not verified)

Thu, 06/21/2012 - 06:46

I have a very small guest room, and I think I'll build this trundle bed in queen size (60 x 80), but instead of storing it under another bed, I want to fit it under a platform floor for a dresser with secretary top (your plans!), a chair, and a reading lamp. Haven't worked out the details yet for making the platform strong enough to walk on, since it must be hollow underneath to allow for the trundle bed. Any suggestions for the platform will be appreciated! Can I just modify the plans for a loft bed and put flooring boards on it? Thanks! wimsy

Jeila (not verified)

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 19:01

I also have a guest room, but instead choosing a queen size bed I have chosen 1 single bed and a double bed. This way I have more space for more friends who wants to sleep over. I have friends with kids and this is a great idea for them They won't have to feel crowded in one bed. I got the idea online. I also have family members who comes over from across the country and stays here with us for weeks and this is a great thing and to their advantage that there are bed space for their kids or friends as well.

Also I have changed the flooring in our guest room, got lots of great ideas online how to make guest room more comfy and guest friendly too. Take a look at this this site

melissawski (not verified)

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 10:09

I bought my daughter a red race car bed when she outgrew her crib. She has always loved it but shes 3 now and I think its time for a girly bed and this is perfect! Does anyone have an idea how much all the materials cost? I know its a fraction of what someone would charge to make one. Thanks so much for posting this!

handy woman (not verified)

Mon, 11/12/2012 - 11:18

Am excited about the trundle design. We have limited height under our bed and are looking at using Melamine board on bottom so the trundle could slide on the carpet instead of using casters. You mention a Kreg jig in the tools list. Did you kreg Jig the screw joints from the inside plywood into the framing. I did not see any specifics of where you used the Kreg Jig.

future handy woman (not verified)

Mon, 11/12/2012 - 11:27

Thanks. I love the trundle plans. We have limited space under our bunk beds and I am thinking we could decrease the 2” height from the floor by making the bed flush with the floor and using a ¼” melamine board on the bottom of the plywood to help it slide on the carpet, the same idea as the furniture moving gliders. Where did you use the Kreg Jig? Did you drill into the plywood then toward the outer framing box?. I did not see any specifics of where you used the Kreg Jig.

Eldon (not verified)

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 14:20

Above you state that a twin mattress is 75" x 39", yet your inside dims for trundle is 70 1/2" x 38 1/2". How will the fit the mattress?
I measured my mattress and it is 75" x 39".
I agree with one of the statements above, it is very difficult to read some of the dims. Even when zoomed up the 200 % .
Thanks these are good ideas.


Sun, 01/27/2013 - 08:48

Ana I was wondering if you knew any way to make the trundle into a pop-up version, all the ones I find online are metal???