Modular Office - CPU Base Plans

A common home office problem revolves around the CPU for the computer. Instead of fighting it, or fighting accessing it to load DVDs and USB devices, build a beautiful and functional CPU cabinet that matches our Modular Office System.

Special thanks to Eric R for sharing his amazing photos.


Projects built from this plan. Thank you for submitting brag posts, it's appreciated by all!

Shopping List: 

In addition to the materials, supplies and tools from the narrow base, you will need: 

1 – 1×6 Piece 18″ Long 
1 – 1×4 Board, 8′ Long 
1 set of 12″ drawer slides, side mount or undermount (if you choose undermount, you may wish to install before fastening the top in place.
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
measuring tape
safety glasses
hearing protection
General Instructions: 

This plan is a modification of the Modular Office Collection Narrow Base. Review that plan before beginning this one.

29 3/4" high x 15 1/4" deep x 21" wide
Cut List: 

Cut List for the Shelves 

2 – 1×16 boards @ 7 1/2″ (Shelves) 
1 – 1×16 board @ 17 3/4″ (Center Partition) 
Cut List for the Drawers 
1 – 1×16 @ 13 1/2″ (Drawer Bottom) 
1 – 1×4 @ 15 1/2″ (Drawer Back) 
2 – 1×4 @ 14 1/2″ (Drawer Sides) 
1 – 1×6 @ 17 3/4″ (Drawer Face)
Step 1: 

Build the Box. Build the box for the CPU Cabinet as shown above, instead of how the directions are shown in the narrow open file base cabinet from yesterday.
Attach bottom footer and top trim as done in the Open Base Plan.

Step 2 Instructions: 

Drawer Sides. In the same manner as the drawer back, fasten the drawer sides. But make sure you also fasten to the back, reinforcing the back of the drawer. Use glue.

Step 3 Instructions: 

Drawer Slides. Fit the drawer slides into the cabinet. The drawer without the face will sit inset into the drawer 3/4″ for the drawer face. Push the drawer into the cabinet for the next step.

Step 4 Instructions: 

Drawer Face. Position the drawer face on the drawer, and fasten in face. Leave an even gap around all sides.

Project Type: 
Estimated Cost: 
Skill Level: 


Oh - for shame. Did you see the fabric is on clearance and will not be offered again? What a sad, sad day. You have until March 15 to snatch up whatever you can. Sigh.

Ana, you are amazing. I am sure you get told that on a daily basis, but here it is again: You are seriously AMAZING! thanks for all your plans

Have you shown/will you show plans for the corner desktop? We will be moving in June into a bigger house and want a nice corner desk and lots of desktop for my husband's office. He has two monitors (he works in graphics)(as well as a scanner and printer) and needs lots and lots of desktop!

I used to work in computers, and there is one really important thing to note about CPU cabinets - they can turn into ovens! And you definitely don't want to cook your computer.

So drill some holes in the back of the cabinet, somewhere they won't show but will create some ventilation. If your computer gets extra warm (read: you are building this for your son or husband who has one of those gaming computers with the uber-powerful graphics card), you can even build in a small fan.

In the materials list you specify that 2 1x4 @ 14 1/2" are needed for the drawer sides. In the measured drawing, however, the draw sides are shown to be 14 1/4". I was wondering which measurement to use on this project. Thanks for your help. Love the site!

I cannot wait to try some of your plans. Especially the desk/storage ones and of course the beds. I have needed a new desk for a while but they are so expensive (one made from hardwood), hopefully doing it this way will help.

I am now following you and your plans are awesome, really awesome!

So excited to have found your site, your plans and furniture are incredible! My husband and I want to build our own bedroom furniture collection and I am trying to figure out how to modify this to match the farmhouse canopy bed. Do you have any suggestions? I want to use this as a nightstand with one shelf in the middle. Do you have any full bedroom collections with the bed, nightstand and dresser?

Hi Ana,

Love all the plans for this system! I did note though as far as a CPU-base is concerned fellow builders might want to consider extending the standard open-file base to 600mm or 24". Most CPUs are around 400-550mm deep, and need a bit of room at the back for cooling. Make sure you open the back on this one to let the computer breathe!

Otherwise I love these plans. I'm inspired to start my own version!

Hi Ana,
I wondered where you got your handlesépulls for the drawers on the cpu office modular.

Hi - I am wondering what size of screws you used to attach your drawer slides - I tried 1" but the cam poking out the side of my cabinet :(. Thanks for the plans though, this is coming together awesome!!