Outdoor Pine Canopy Daybed

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untreated pine

This is my first venture into woodworking/carpentry. Since I did not want to shell out too much money for lumber, I used untreated pine (worst wood they say to use) for the daybed and used an exterior wood stain (with uv protection) to seal the wood. I also did not invest in power tools and used a hammer and wood saw to cut and nail everything together. As I cannot sew, I waterproofed the mattress by sandwiching it between two plastic mattress covers (dollar store) and duct taping the seams. It's not elegant but no one is going to see it. I used a cotton fitted twin sheet (old one) for the cover and found some outdoor pillows for $16 a pair ($8 per pillow and made with solarium fabric). Also as this is placed outside (deck), I'm looking into getting a mosquito net to use over the daybed instead of the bed tent I have on right now.

In hindsight, I should have used pressure treated wood for the posts and canopy beams to prevent bending/twisting (I had to re-do 2 posts). If I get 3 years of use for this furniture. I'm a happy camper. Ana, thank you so much for the plan. Kathy thanks for the advice on painting the lumber first.

You guys can do this!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Olympic exterior wood stain with UV protection (oil based).
Estimated Cost: 
$70 for the lumber, $ 40 for stain, sand paper, nails, wood glue, $4 for mattress cover, duct tape


i have to attach it :) the "bed tent" is weighted down by beads but i think if there's a strong gust of wind then it might just be blown away (have wrapped the end in one of the posts as a precaution).

Thank you so much Ana. You're my inspiration and more power to you and your members (and visitors)!

i read the original project plan and it says to use screws. you said you only used nails. is it holding up? also did you cut everything by hand (use wood saw)?

Hi there,

I am looking at the plan and in the 'Cut List' section it says 6 – 1×3 @ 39. What does @ 39 mean? Does it mean that the length of the wood should be 39" (inches)?

Please advice.

Sorry, I am a beginner and don't know the trade terms yet.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated

Wanted to give an update - the pine is holding up pretty well. We moved from NC to Florida and the daybed is still getting used a lot. Seal is still intact but I might add a coat or two before the heart of the hurricane season arrives.