Olivia's Cute Kitchen

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About This Project

After spending what seemed like forever on Pinterest, drooling over all the adorable DIY play kitchens, I decided to build this one. The plans were so easy to follow and a guy at Lowe's did all the cutting for me, which was a huge time saver. I literally had it actually built in just a few hours with the help of my mom. Then I was able to primer, add two coats of paint, and accessorize over the next few days. I LOVE the results!! And I was so inspired by the one I originally saw online that I even made my own ruffled sink skirt!!! The fabric was leftovers from the handmade crib bedding set that my mom had made for my daughter. So everything coordinates perfectly!! I am in love....I think I even love it more than she does at this point because she is only 23 months old!! :) Hope she'll enjoy it for years to come!

***Update - Just added "burners" to her stove so now it looks complete!!***

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Estimated Cost: 
Just over $200 because we went a little overboard on the special touches.