Whitewash Stained Finish

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Author Notes: 
Thank you so much for the plan love on my Chalkboard Produce Crate!<p>You know how I always say it's all in the finish? &nbsp;Well, here's the perfect example:</p><p><br /></p><p><img src="http://distilleryimage9.s3.amazonaws.com/96d05dc0551e11e28ed122000a9f1311_7.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p><br /></p><p>Humble even with an<a href="http://instagram.com/_anawhite/" target="_blank"> Instagram filter</a> ...</p><p><br /></p><p><img src="http://ana-white.com/sites/default/files/3154820554_1358528954.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p>And then the true Cinderella moment happens with a little stain.</p><p>I tell you, your paint brush is a magic wand! &nbsp;Use it!</p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p>I've teamed up again with the wonderful folks over at <a href="http://www.minwax.com" target="_blank">Minwax </a>to bring you a brand new staining tutorial. &nbsp;Remember, you can use different base stain colors to get the exact look you want for your home. &nbsp;</p><p><br /></p>
Shopping List: 
<p><p>We’ll be using all water based products for this project. &nbsp;You can wash the brush with water and soap for easy clean up.</p><p>The stain color I am using is <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains/minwax-water-based-wood-stain" target="_blank">Minwax American Walnut</a> – it’s a rich, deep lovely chocolate brown. &nbsp;Try using <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains-color-guide/" target="_blank">different base stain colors</a> to achieve lighter or warmer results.</p><br /></p><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-afhs4Y_IqJA/UPl1cy1A8zI/AAAAAAAANOI/Cn4ZuhNxQ9o/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood02.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><p><a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/preparation/minwax-prestain-wood-conditioner" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Wood Conditioner</a> (not shown but recommended)</p><p><p><a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains/minwax-water-based-wood-stain" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Wood Stain</a> (I Used American Walnut)</p><p><a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains-color-guide/#pickling" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Wood Stain Pickling Wash</a></p><p><a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/specialty-products/minwax-paste-finishing-wax" target="_blank">Minwax Paste Finishing Wax</a></p><p><a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/brushes/" target="_blank">Minwax Synthetic Brush</a></p><p>Staining Rags</p><p>Fine Sandpaper</p><p>Unfinished Wood Project</p><p><br /></p></p>
Step 1: 
Project Preparation&nbsp;<p><br /></p><p>This tutorial is for a new pine wood project. I used a <a href="http://ana-white.com/2013/01/plans/chalkboard-produce-crate" target="_blank">Chalkboard Produce Crate built from this plan. </a></p><p><br /></p><p><img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-5M5C2_Ghh0Y/UPl1czSZujI/AAAAAAAANOE/QyTMfhNxB3c/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood03.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p><br /></p><p>Sand the project well with medium grit sandpaper. &nbsp;</p><p><img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-1UkXIHs4ufQ/UPl1eKRd6pI/AAAAAAAANOY/WTHFJ3Swd5Y/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood04.jpg" style="height: 313px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p>And then sand with fine sandpaper.</p><p><br /></p><p><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-B7g7C04N4mo/UPl1ecO-31I/AAAAAAAANOg/pPYYPb137nY/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood05.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p>It is very important to remove all sanding residue before applying any stain. &nbsp;I use a brush to remove the bulk of the sanding residue, and then wipe down with a damp cloth.</p><p><br /></p>
Step 2 Instructions: 
Stain Application<p></p><p>TIP: It's always a good idea to use <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/preparation/minwax-prestain-wood-conditioner" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Wood Conditioner</a> before stain application for more even results when working with pine. &nbsp;Cheap insurance!</p><p></p><p><img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-0cgIFNGQpME/UPl1eyUH8tI/AAAAAAAANOo/WImNbqxOcpg/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood06.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /></p><p></p><p></p><p>It’s time for stain!</p><p></p><p><a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains-color-guide/" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Stain comes in lots of different colors</a> and is mixed at the paint counter. &nbsp;Make sure you mix well. &nbsp;If you have multiple cans, pour together to mix as one for the best consistency.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p><img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-zm2zXF0Hzl4/UPl1fcPddqI/AAAAAAAANOw/6TQ_axNti_E/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood07.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /></p><p></p><p>I started applying the stain on the bottom. &nbsp;</p><p></p><p><img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-1-vLUd6jPcY/UPl1gZIB2nI/AAAAAAAANO4/3C495kvLqS4/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood08.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /></p><p></p><p>I like to work in sections. &nbsp;</p><p></p><p><img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-1-nW5BHWdvU/UPl1g6HKIII/AAAAAAAANPA/ySXSeOGCzy4/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood09.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /></p><p></p><p></p><p>With <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains/minwax-water-based-wood-stain" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Wood Stain</a>, after three minutes, you wipe off excess stain. &nbsp;If I work in sections, I don’t ever get ahead of myself.</p><p></p><p><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-gP2yE0P47VI/UPl1hYqKEcI/AAAAAAAANPI/PfoHCx77X9c/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood10.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /></p><p></p><p></p><p>After three minutes, wipe excess stain off with rag. &nbsp;Wipe in direction of wood grain. &nbsp;TIP: You can work stain into lighter areas to create a more uniform look. &nbsp;</p><p></p>After staining bottom, I flipped the crate over and started in the inside and worked my way outward until the entire project was stained.<p></p><p>Additional stain coats can be added to deepen the color if desired. &nbsp;Just wait 2 hours between coats, and follow the same steps as the first coat. &nbsp;I only did one coat for this project because it will be whitewashed.</p><p></p><p></p><p>Reference: <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains/minwax-water-based-wood-stain" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Wood Stain Directions</a></p><p></p><p></p>
Step 3 Instructions: 
<p>Now the fun part!!! &nbsp;Time to add the whitewash!</p><p><br /></p><p>Make sure the last coat of stain is dry - a minimum of 2 hours.</p><img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-DCUfmmZR_0w/UPl1ioKWcNI/AAAAAAAANPQ/nbWGKvRAjK0/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood11.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /><p>I highly recommend testing out your technique on a scrap piece of wood before tackling your project. &nbsp;Remember that the <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains-color-guide/#pickling" target="_blank">Minwax White Pickling Wash </a>is water based, so you can use water to thin or help you work the white wash in evenly.</p><p>Just like the <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains/minwax-water-based-wood-stain" target="_blank">Minwax Water Based Wood Stain</a>, mix up the<a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains-color-guide/#pickling" target="_blank"> Minwax White Wash Pickling Wood Stain</a> until consistent throughout.</p><p><img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-ZDBTUYev4SM/UPl1i6DJkSI/AAAAAAAANPU/5wtjWWm9lxw/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood12.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><p><br /></p><p>I used staining rags to apply the pickling stain and wipe off excess. &nbsp;</p><p><br /></p><p>TIP: For a lighter whitewash, try adding a little water to the pickling stain and applying to the project or using a damp cloth to work the white wash throughout the project to achieve consistency.</p><p><br /></p></p><p><img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-U8j1r-dPiSA/UPl1jJfCUOI/AAAAAAAANPg/3EJ41D4vOIw/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood13.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p>Remember, you will need to wipe off excess stain within three minutes. &nbsp;Do not allow any excess stain to dry on the project.</p><p><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-bAvGVFkgs9Y/UPl1kGfPUII/AAAAAAAANPo/SriTgznjOLQ/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood14.jpg" style="width: 470px;" alt="" /><br /></p><p>I love how the <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains-color-guide/#pickling" target="_blank">Minwax White Pickling Wash </a>added a subtle graying to the wood stain! &nbsp;I can't wait to try the White Wash out on lots more colors!</p><p>Reference: <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/specialty-products/minwax-paste-finishing-wax" target="_blank">Minwax White Pickling Wash Directions</a></p>
Step 4 Instructions: 
<p style="font: inherit;"><br /></p><p style="font: inherit;"><img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-l-7cUF5pLiM/UPl1lY9rioI/AAAAAAAANP8/5DyP59AQXyc/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood16.jpg" alt="" style="font: inherit; width: 470px;" /><br /></p><p style="font: inherit;"><br /></p><p style="font: inherit;">To protect the project, I decided to use Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.&nbsp;</p><p style="font: inherit;">I love <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/specialty-products/minwax-paste-finishing-wax" target="_blank">Minwax Paste Finishing Wax</a> because it gives the wood a beautiful polish but does not affect the color. &nbsp;If you haven't already used it, it's definitely worth checking out! &nbsp;It’s perfect for a vintage finish!<br /></p><p style="font: inherit;">&nbsp;<br /></p><p style="font: inherit;"><img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-NKe6xrjOZUo/UPl1kT2vL8I/AAAAAAAANPw/9d_1_8FKBmo/w470/how%20to%20whitewash%20wood15.jpg" alt="" style="font: inherit; width: 470px;" /><br /></p><p style="font: inherit;">Allow your project to dry a minimum of 3 hours before applying a top coat.</p><p style="font: inherit;">To apply the <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/specialty-products/minwax-paste-finishing-wax">Minwax Paste Finishing Wax</a>, use a soft cloth or rag. &nbsp;I like to use cheesecloth folded in half. &nbsp;Work the wax into the project and let dry. &nbsp;After ten minutes, go back and polish the wax until smooth.<br /></p><p style="font: inherit;">Reference: <a href="http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains/minwax-water-based-wood-stain" target="_blank">Minwax Paste Finish Wax Directions</a></p><p style="font: inherit;">Enjoy your finished project!</p>


I have never used paste wax before. My 12 year old son brought home his Tech Ed project this week (wooden box with cover). It was finished with paste wax, it has such a soft finish, you could feel it was waxed, nice and smooth. I like it.

A couple of questions, since I'm new at this:

How durable is the finish wax? Is it primarily for low traffic pieces of furniture?

Also--I noticed you were using an orbital palm sander for the coarser sanding and then a block for the finer sanding. Why do you do this? Does it help at all with the annoying swirl marks from an orbital sander? Or maybe my technique is totally wrong and that's why I'm getting swirl marks...

Hi Lphair, For a more durable top coat I would recommend an oil based polyurethane. There's actually a wipe on Poly that works really well and still gets that hand rubbed look. This finish is more of an antique, but still definitely durable and seals the wood.

The orbital sander is really difficult to control and is not good for fine sanding. I use the orbital to get rid of the big stuff and then hand sand because I have great control with the hand sanding block. I use medium grit in the orbital, and then work my way down to fine with the sanding block. I also use find sandpaper with a palm sander with much success too. Hope this helps!!!

Hey! Loving everything on your blog. You are so talented! I have a quick question. Could I use the white wash with pine wood that has been stained with an oil based stain?
Thanks so much!!

I'd like to know also if you can use the white wash technique over an oil based stain? Your site is awesome! You're truly talented.

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I love projects like this. It's a project that is classy and high quality. This is something I would want to keep for a long time and pass it down to my kids to enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. This would be a great prop for photographers.
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