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I'm a husband, a father of two sons, and a full-time IT professional. I enjoy hanging out with my family, going to church and coaching sports. I am not a wood-working professional by any stretch of the imagination, but I have enjoyed building the few things that I have built. I have only built 4 things in my life.

The first thing I built was a workbench back in 2001 right after my wife and I were married and we bought our first house. When we sold the house a few years later, the buyer requested in the contract that the workbench stay with the house. I guess it was a pretty good workbench if he wanted it that bad.

My second project (probably 2002) was a putt-putt hole in the shape of a cross for a fall carnival at my church. I no longer go to that church, but my understanding is they are still using it today.

Then we started a family in 2002 and I just did not have the time to do any wood-working projects anymore. I eventually sold my tools because they had not been used in about 12 years and were taking up much needed space in my garage. However, in December of 2014, I bought a pocket hole jig, a miter saw, a circular saw, an air compressor and 3 different nail guns.

In the past month I have built a beam mantle as we did not have anything to hang our stockings on. I think it looks really great, but more importantly, my wife thinks it looks really great! That got me inspired to build my fourth project, the Balin Console Table. I just finished it mid January 2015 and again, my wife loves it! I have found something that I enjoy doing and something that makes my wife very happy. I am anxious to start my next project, perhaps a farm table?!

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