Twin Step Up Storage Bed

Submitted by biz_kid1 on Tue, 09/25/2012 - 10:57
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I give my 14 year old full credit for this plan! She wanted a bed like this...I just brought her idea to life! This plan is extremely adaptable...keep the spaces open, add more dividers for "cubbies", add drawers or a trundle bed! I will try and get the coordinating plans up for the bookcase as shown in the image, and maybe some drawers and/or trundle plans!

Also, there is no back to enclose this bed (though you could certainly add it) nor headboard, as this bed was designed to be pushed into a corner of a room, thus providing it's own headboard and wall.

Note #1: You can leave the spaces open, or add more dividers to make "cubbies". If you want drawers, I'll defer you to Ana's drawer plans here ( You could also add a trundle drawer/bed instead...for that, I'll defer to the Trundle for Bed or Storage plan here ( This trundle should fit this plan just fine! I found a foam mattress online at Walmart (…) that should fit - dimensions - Twin: 72"L x 33"W x 4.5"H. You'll need to add some support...I'd suggest adding an 8"x73 1/2" piece of MDF about 16" from the back side of the base opening and add some cross-bracing supports in the space created behind that divider.

Note #2: Pre-finish wood before assembly!

Note #3: This will be a HEAVY bed!!! Make sure you put it together where you want it to be!!!

Finally, I'm not sure of all the sizes of MDF sheets available, so you may have to cut yours differently then piece back together (like the larger 55"x75" piece - cut in half or thirds and piece back together). This plan assumes an 8' x 25' sheet of MDF.

(LxWxH) 75" x 55" x 18 1/4"


Shopping List

1 1/4" screws
Wood Glue
Wood Filler
Finishing materials, as desired
8'x25' 3/4" thick MDF sheet

Cut List

2 55"x75"
1 45"x75"
3 3/4"x8"x55"
4 3/4"x8"x45"
(Additional cuts required if adding cubby dividers, drawers or trundle)

General Instructions

Please read through the entire plan and all comments before beginning this project. It is also advisable to review the Getting Started Section. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and smartly. Work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris. Always use straight boards. Check for square after each step. Always predrill holes before attaching with screws. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold. Wipe excess glue off bare wood for stained projects, as dried glue will not take stain. Be safe, have fun, and ask for help if you need it. Good luck!


Step 1

1a) Attach 3/4"x8"x55" MDF or 1x8 side piece to base piece using 1 1/4" screws and glue. If using pocket holes, drill holes on the inside, spacing about every 11" (or as recommended by pocket hole maker).

Step 2

1b) Repeat for other remaining two 3/4"x8"x55" MDF or 1x8 side pieces.

Step 3

2) Attach all three 3/4"x8"x55" MDF or 1x8 side pieces to the top (second) base piece using 1 1/4" screws and glue. If using pocket holes, attach from the inside/underside, spacing about every 11" (or as recommended by pocket hole maker).

Step 4

3a) Attach 3/4"x8"x45" MDF or 1x8 side piece to base piece using 1 1/4" screws and glue. If using pocket holes, drill holes on the inside, spacing about every 11" (or as recommended by pocket hole maker).

Step 5

Step 6

4) Attach the mattress support (frame) to the tops of all four 3/4"x8"x45" MDF or 1x8 side pieces using 1 1/4" screws and glue. If using pocket holes, attach from the inside/underside, spacing about every 11" (or as recommended by pocket hole maker).

Step 7

***Not a step - just image of ideal cuts for an 8'x25' MDF sheet...

Finishing Instructions
Preparation Instructions
Fill all holes with wood filler and let dry. Apply additional coats of wood filler as needed. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum sanded project to remove sanding residue. Remove all sanding residue on work surfaces as well. Wipe project clean with damp cloth.

It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. Use primer or wood conditioner as needed.



Wed, 09/26/2012 - 05:48

This is very similar to how my king size storage bed ended up, but building it as a step would solve the height problem most people have with it. Way to go!

To do this in wood instead of MDF, a face frame could be added of 1x2 pretty easily. Many people seem to prefer a small lip at the top to keep the mattress positioned too.

Jade (not verified)

Tue, 10/16/2012 - 08:30

I am new to your site and was ecstatic to see all the amazing things that my son and I can build together. The instructions that you have are perfect for someone like me who is definitely a beginner. I was looking at your twin step-up storage bed (or some of the other bed frames you have on your site), and was curious to know if there is some sort of conversion chart that can help me make a twin size frame up to a full/queen? Any type of guidance you have for me is completely appreciated. Thank you!

Karen Kretzmer (not verified)

Tue, 10/16/2012 - 20:27

Hi! I've been on your site before and I love it! The last time I did any sort of wood project or touched a saw was in high school! My husband can do anything but he has his hands full with a kitchen renovation. In the meantime, there is so much I want for our house and so little $$ to get it! This bed would solve a big dilemma for me when my son moves into his big boy room which is not very big LOL. We have a full-sized mattress so I'd love to coerce the hubby into making this bed in a full sized version for him. It would eliminate the need for a dresser and nightstand and thereby save space! Thanks so much! Karen

P. Johnson (not verified)

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 17:31

For the twin step up storage there an alteration to the plan to make the bottom area a pull out trundle bed? because that would be awesome! please let me know!

Guest Lyn (not verified)

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 07:25

I love this bed and thinking about having my husband make it for our son. I am wondering can we use ply-board instead of MDF sheets would you recommend it?
Thanks Lyn


Tue, 06/04/2013 - 11:26

I love this bed and it's EXACTLY what we're looking for for my son. His room is the width of a twin bed and we want some drawers for his small room. I can't however open the PDF. I'm only getting computer mumbo jumbo.

In reply to by lovedbytwo


Wed, 06/05/2013 - 09:22

Do you mean at the bottom where it gives you an option for a PDF document of the plan? It worked on my computer. You may want to try posting on the forum for further technical assistance about that issue. Alternatively, you could copy and paste the printer-friendly one into a Word document or OneNote type application. Hope that helps!


Fri, 10/28/2016 - 15:21

Where do you go about getting an 8'x25' piece of MDF? I would love to make this but not sure where to find this. Thanks

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