Camry's pink play Kitchen

Made my 2 year old this kitchen for Christmas. Found the plans 15 months earlier! (thanks Brooklee- I knew how I wanted every detail months before we even bought the wood. I made this in the summer, seeing how Utah winters are cold and I had to work on it it the garage.
Total cost was around $200. But the hardware cost AT Least $50 and we originally went with the side-by-side fridge door so we bought some wood we did not end up using. Plus we made the stove door the with the measurements on the plans and ended up making a larger one. I was set on the hardware and could have definitely cut cost down by buying cheaper nobs and hinges. I also used very good quality wood-I am only making one of these ever in my life and I need it to last.
The burners are 5 inch vinyl circles I got from the local graphic design store. ($1.50 each). The faucet came form for about $10 and the sink is a dog bowl from Walmart for $5.
My Hubby assembled the whole project in one night, with a nail gun. (that was my way of getting him to build it with out complaining-buy him a nice tool) Paint came next. Olympic brand from LOWES color-STRAWBERRY SPLASH. Used 1 coat primer, 2 coats paint.
Had to make the stove door bigger than the plans call for because of the hinges I picked. This is my ONLY regret. The hinges are AWESOME because they allow the door to hang to the floor-I figured this way they wouldn't break. However it is hard for some of my younger day care kids to hold the door open and put things in, causing them to sit it on the floor and get on top of it and CRACK the window. I plan to make two smaller doors to replace the big one. Hopefully eliminating the problem.
OVERALL I LOVE THE KITCHEN and thought the plans were AWESOME!! I am already planning next years Christmas builds. :)

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