Ana's Favorite Quick and Easy BBQ Recipes

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When I cookout, it's always a crowd.  And over the years of hosting big meals, I've learned that ME enjoying the event also matters, and how relaxed and happy I am sets the tone for the event.  No one likes a frantic and stressed host.

So I've created a handful of tried and true recipes that everyone loves, are inexpensive and easy to make, that I can whip out in no time.  The ingredients are simple, so t

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Recipes by Ana White

Hi blog friends!

I'm so excited to share a huge project that I've been working on with you today!

As many that have been here a while know, I spend much of my time cooking meals for our family.  We live in rural Alaska with very limited restaurant options, and our family is home-based (work from home with homeschooled kids), so this adds up to 2-3 meals every day ... for more 15 years now!

Well, I finally found the time, and gathered up all my recipes, and t

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